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Who am I?

Howdy y’all!  I am Rachel and I am FifthismyJam!  I graduated from Stevenson University in Maryland with my degree in Elementary education in 2013.  I am married to a soldier and we have been traveling this wonderful country for close to 13 years now.  Since I have been traveling, it has been tough for me to stay in one place teaching.  I finally landed a fifth grade position in Washington in 2015 (after I had our daughter).
We have since moved (2018) to Louisiana, where I still teach 5th grade.  However, I am departmentalized teaching Science and Social Studies.  I love the change and the challenge.  I create science, social studies, and math curriculum for fourth and fifth grade teachers all around. My science curriculum is based off of NGSS (standards).
My philosophy: make every day count, make every student count!
I remind my students every year that they ARE going to college or finding a much needed position in trade.  Their future is so bright – they have to wear shades to get there!!