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3 Books To Discuss Women’s History Month In and Out Of the Classroom

Women's History Month is celebrated every March. This women's month celebration sheds light on the achievements and accomplishments of so many amazing women throughout history and to come! This is another one of my favorite topics to teach in class and here are three special books I feature in my classroom (and home).  PLUS, read through to the end for a FREE “Let's Celebrate Her” activity.

Ruth Objects


Ruth Bader Ginsburg is such an iconic figure of our lifetime. As a Supreme Court justice, she inspired fierce admiration and faced devout opposition for her judgments in high-profile cases, many of which have involved discrimination. As a woman, she broke barriers and continually faced unfair treatment, but she persisted.

Women Who Changed the World: 50 Amazing Americans


This book features 50 women who have leaped great bounds throughout history, in America. With iconic figures such as Abigail Adams and Oprah, these inspirational women will give you insight into the great goals they accomplished, and how they made their mark on America. Additionally, students can learn about the influences they had and how it paved way for the future.

Who Is Dolly Parton?


I truly don't think it's possible that you've never heard of these books before. These are some of my favorite go-to books when we are researching and writing biographies. During Women's History Month, I think it's so important to use these to shed light on the past and present of some amazing, iconic women like Dolly Parton, and Sally Ride who is right behind her. Chalked full of biography details, timelines, and critical points leading up to and during her most accomplished moments, these books are a must-have for a Women's History Month discussion.

How Can You Continue To Discuss Women's History Month In Your Classroom?

Even after we read one of these books in class, sometimes more than one, we discuss the accomplishments and achievements of these amazing women. We may use one or more of the stories to help with our weekly writing prompts. Each student gets a copy of a preselected prompt and gets to reflect using what they know or have learned.

Ready to guide your students in a little research of incredible women in history?! Use this “Let's Celebrate Her” graphic organizer and writing template to help continue the discussion in your class! You can also find more activities here.

How do you discuss Women's History Month in your classroom? What are your favorite mentor texts? Let me know in the comments.


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