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6 Can’t Live Without Teacher Items

When I think of teacher items I cannot live without, I always think about the items I could use in both the classroom AND at home. Being organized and prepared it SUPER important to me. I confess that I am one to buy teacher products and want to make them look ready ASAP. A lot of times this occurs when I am at home, and often times during my planning period at work.

These are the 6 Can't Live Without Teacher Items that Rachel from Fifth is my Jam must have around.

These items are things I 100% ALWAYS have on hand and I truly think they're worth looking in to OR having double of for both home and the classroom. Click on any item listed to check them out.

I CANNOT Live Without Item #1: Scotch Laminator

Scotch laminator is Fifth is my Jam's number one cannot live without teacher item.

It should come as NO surprise to any teacher that I would have a laminator on my can't live without list. AND if I am being perfectly honest, I have 4. YES, you read that right – four. Honestly, I have two in the classroom and two at home. For BTS prep, I have two machines going at once. I don't necessarily use two at home, but you never know. This is obviously perfect to have handy when creating task cards, posters, signs, classroom labels, and banners! You need it protected? A laminator is probably the way to go. PLUS, laminated items can be used for YEARS.

I CANNOT Live Without Item #2: Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches

Scotch laminator pouches are Fifth is my Jam's number two cannot live without teacher item.

If I have a laminator on my must have list, then I am going to include the pouches. These 100 sheet sets are my favorite, and I prefer the 3 MIL thickness (as compared to the 5 MIL). I like to have more sheets in the package because there are times where I have many to do and I don't want to run out.

I CANNOT Live Without Item #3: Swingline Paper Cutter

Swingline paper cutter is Fifth is my Jam's number three cannot live without teacher item.

I feel so much more organized when I have a paper cutter that can cut multiple items at one time, instead of my single scissors. Since I print, laminate, and have task cards to cut, I prefer being able to clip multiple cards at once. PLUS, I love that this paper cutter has the ruler measurements and aligned squares to make cutting more efficient. I cannot tell you how many times this tool has come in handy, but it's been a life saver.

I CANNOT Live Without Item #4: Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Tape

Scotch heavy duty tape is Fifth is my Jam's number four cannot live without teacher item.

This tape is my LITERAL jam. I use it for pretty much anything and everything that needs to be taped, hung, stitched, wrapped, etc. I love the clearest of clear versions and find it beautiful when I have hung multiple items at once. I have so many rolls laying around my house … and the classroom, I feel it will never go out of style! Check out this Instagram post from a previous school year where I used the heavy duty tape to hang some fun Social Studies civilizations.

I CANNOT Live Without Item #5: Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Tape

Ziploc bags are Fifth is my Jam's number five cannot live without teacher item.

I know what you're thinking = “obviously!”. Okay, so I threw this in on purpose. I bet you use this MORE times than you can count + I'm pretty positive that several of you have it on your school supply list or classroom wish list because you know just how important it is. I use these Ziploc bags for everything under the sun. Not only do I use them for Science investigations, but I use them to store task cards. I've also used these bags for storing safety supplies and teeth that have “finally” fallen out of a sweet students mouth.

I CANNOT Live Without Item #6: Iris Photo Storage + Craft Keeper

Iris photo storage containers are Fifth is my Jam's number six cannot live without teacher item.

The most important term in the title is STORAGE. Honestly, this is like a 2 for 1. Not only is this the PERFECT storage container for those task cards you need for math or ELA, even science stations, but once all placed back in the overall container an easy storage container again. It feels like a rabbit in a hat trick. I love how I'm able to keep my task cards stored all year, even math manipulatives, too. I can easily pull out the box and individual cases and set them up across the room, or at my planned stations. These are purposefully everything.

These are my favorite must have items and I hope you were able to find something useful or relatable. Please feel free to let me know in the comments which your favorite is or what you would also consider a must have.


Rachel from Fifth is my Jam discusses the 6 Can't Live Without Teacher Items that she must have around on a daily basis.

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  1. This is great! Thank you for posting this. Just bought a few things and my pockets are not happy! But I sure am! 🙂

  2. I love the paper cutter. I can’t count the number of blisters I’ve rubbed on my thumb cutting things out with my sciessors!

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