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Amazon Prime Day For Teachers

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is coming! I can't wait to share with you some of the best prime day deals for teachers. Plus, I'll be giving a brief overview of how I use them in the classroom, too! Tell me in the comments some of your prime day deals found and how you're using them!

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The Best Deals on Amazon – How Can They Be Used

Paper Mate Gel Pens: I use these pens to grade assignments, take notes in spirals, and give them to students for small groups or as prizes from the prize bin.

Xacto Pencil Sharpener: I have two of these in my classroom. One in the front and one in the back. Our space is already pretty tight, so if a student can avoid having an accident or tripping trying to reach one, two makes it easier.

Astrobrights Mega Collection Colored Paper: I think this is a must-have, period. In all of my years of teaching, I have found this paper to be of better quality than the colored paper provided by the school. I use these to print newsletters, signs, calendars, labels, math and reading stations, and more!

Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Markers, 12 Count: It goes without saying if you have a dry erase board you always need dry erase markers. Whenever I find a good deal on markers, I snatch them up! I use them all year long on my own board BUT I also give my students a marker at the beginning of the year for their personal dry-erase boards.

Westcott Blunt Scissors: These have been some of our favorite, longer-lasting scissors in the classroom. I also love the fun bright colors!

Elmer's Gluesticks: Yes, it's the disappearing purple – but I don't always mind as long as it gets the job done. We use gluesticks way more than I ever thought we would, so having extra really pays off!

Pencil Top Erasers: Yet again, another item we run out of frequently in my classroom. I'm not entirely sure if students are eating them but they can't get enough! I love the vibrant colors and variety.

Super Sticky Easel Chart Paper: After having the spiral chart paper and the tear and stick paper, tear and stick is the way to go. It is simply much easier. While this may not seem like a “cheap” deal, four pads for $68 is much nicer than 2 pads for $40. My school doesn't provide these so I always look to get more bang for my buck. I use these for everything in class!!

Self-Adhesive Velcro Dots: Once again, an item I've been using for almost a decade. I stick them to my library bins with the labels, I stick them to the walls to attach moveable posters and charts, and I even stick them to items on student desks and my closet doors where I display student work!

Scotch Heavy Duty Packing Tape: I use this in both my house and classroom. I always make sure I have a roll handy. I let students use it for projects, we hang items across the classroom, and we put things together using the tape. I have taught in several classrooms from Washington State all the way down to Georgia and this tape holds up the best without leaving a mess!

Have you shopped the Prime Day sale? Did you find anything good? Please let me know below!



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