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How To Create the Teacher Office Space You Need

Have you ever felt like you need your own ‘space' to think or create, or maybe hide. I have never truly had a space. I have always carried my computer around with me and made whatever space I sat in “my space”. But I have always had a spot of some sort where I could have made a space. Do you have the following:

1) the need for space

2) any ‘free' space, or space to turn into a zone … no matter the size

If you answered yes to both, this might be for you and I hope it's a little helpful. I recently took a spare room at our house and turned it into my ‘must have' office space. With virtual teaching and curriculum creating occurring, this was necessary.

What Do You Need In Your Space?

For me the following was important:

  • a place to store colorful paper and files
  • a desk for my computer
  • a printer to print anything and everything
  • storage shelves and areas to store
  • a comfy chair

The Layout

Fifth is my Jam had a very cluttered office prior to reorganizing and redoing.

I started with LOADS of 6-cube shelves lining the walls, with a desk toward the back wall of the room and some old cabinets, but everything felt so ‘tight' in space and I was feeling rather cramped. My desk was previously used in my classroom and was damaged in our last move so I knew I would have to move it (but I still wanted to keep it in my office). With all of this in mind, I scribbled a few things I wanted to move around and started from there.

What To Do First

I had heard many other teacher friends discussing how they were enjoying their L-shaped desks, and so I took a chance on ordering one. We are not ‘builders' in this family, so ordering was the way to go for me – but if you have a craftsman, you can definitely put together the L-shaped desk of your dreams.

L-Shaped desk, purchased to make working from home and functionality easier.

I also knew I needed a new filing cabinet. The one we have had for many years (that I recovered from a thrift shop) has been through too many moves. I hopped straight on Amazon to find the PERFECT (no kidding) filing cabinet. Also, VERY easy to build and use. This was also going to be the sitting spot for my printer.

Filing Cabinet purchased online and assembled (easily) by Rachel from Fifth is my Jam!

Once these things arrived, I built them, moved them into the office, and began repositioning all the furniture. I drove my husband absolutely nuts because I used the phrase “I don't like it” at least ten times, maybe more.

What Happened Next?

After I got all of the furniture positioned, I began to move things back onto the shelves and the desk. I worked the files into the new filing cabinet and fired up my printer. AND YES … I spent time placing all of my classroom library books on a shelf, by color. We have Home Edit to thank for that motivation this summer.

Fifth is my Jam Classroom Library with books organized by color.

I also ordered a few more items to complete the space. I found this amazing acrylic wall calendar and picked up some extra décor. Though, I should mention, I still have a few things I am looking for (that are just right) to fill a space or two, but that will come in time.

The Take Away

After a few weeks of enjoying the space, I am feeling less crowded and more focused. I have been able to work more enjoyably and I feel like my progress is quicker. Just having a ‘space' is more than I could have ever imagined. Click on any link below to “shop” some of my favorite furniture items found in my office!

This office chair comes from Amazon! It has been perfect in every way. I had it in my classroom the first year I purchased (and it will go back with me again). I couldn't live without it in my office at home, too.

The desk took a little time to assemble (and I suggest making sure you have another person with you – I did it solo) but in the end it looked great! The filing cabinet was the easiest to assemble and it so fun to look at!


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9 Responses

  1. Your desk looks great. I got rid of my desk a couple years ago and use our group table as my desk to work at. I have all the items I use at the sometimes desk/sometimes table organized behind me to grab when I’m working. It is still a work in progress, but I love the space I gained by ditching my big teacher desk.

  2. There was a big trend for a while of getting rid of teacher desks, but I absolutely love mine! Just like the students I need my own space to work. I love, love, love that filing cabinet. Mine are all hulking gray metal boxes that make me feel like I should put on some shoulder pads, ha!

  3. Wow! These are some great ideas. I never thought to organize my classroom books by color. It looks so nice. Thank you!

  4. Great job! Your space looks wonderful! That file cabinet is perfect. We may be going back to remote learning again, so I might need to put your tips to use.

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