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How To Prep For Math Vocabulary Engagement

So I FINALLY got around to creating a Teachers Pay Teachers page!  It has taken some time, but it has been done.  Who knew summer break could be so productive?

I have been spending a substantial amount of time this summer putting together activities my students can benefit from next year, whether working on math center activities or hands-on activities in general.  I am excited to share these new goodies with them next year!  

How many of my ‘fifthie' friends out there love math vocabulary?!  How about an activity to engage your students with the vocabulary without making it seem so redundant or monotonous?

Check out the picture below and click here to check out this line of exciting physical and digital vocabulary practice!

Math Vocabulary Engagement Charts Upper Elementary
Make learning math vocabulary engaging and fun! This 24-page packet contains 18 math vocabulary terms geared toward upper elementary learners. Additionally, there is a Google link for use in Google Classroom. Students can use it completely digitally. Instructions are included.

How I Use These Charts

I have the charts in my classroom at the beginning of the school year. Since this is the vocabulary I will introduce in Unit 1 for math, it is great to have it already displayed.  However, you can hang them as you teach them.  Many of the terms will have been introduced in fourth grade, too – so it's a great review for incoming students.

After we have reviewed the words, and throughout the remainder of the unit, students can write down examples on sticky notes and put them under each word.  You can also laminate the sheets and let the students use dry-erase markers to jot down their examples.

This is an excellent way to keep your students engaged with their work, record examples of what they are doing, and help them retain the words and definitions.

I hope you all enjoy it!  Please comment below with any suggestions or ideas for using these engagement charts! Want to grab a free sample? Click the button below to grab yours today.



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