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President’s Day Resources Your Students Will Absolutely Love

I am a little shocked we are almost halfway through February, how about you? As an upper elementary teacher, I absolutely love President's Day. Especially because we get to reinforce branches of government and discuss past presidents, too, along with reading books about our favorite presidents. Check out some of my favorite President's Day resources, as well a few from some other amazing upper elementary teachers!

Presidents Day Math Riddles

Teach math? These riddles are perfect for print and go, or assigning online. The perfect fraction practice for both fourth and fifth-grade students. With my students, I usually print and have it as a warm-up activity or early finish activity.

No Prep Reading Passages

These reading passages are perfect for President's Day, or any time of the year when discussing history and the first five presidents. With background information, fun facts, and a writing prompt included, these packets are perfect for small groups, whole group, or independent work. In the past, my students have really enjoyed reading, writing, and of course using the prompt with the president's head so they can color. We put them on display for all to read and see!

Writing Prompts

One of the most beneficial ways to have a meaningful discussion about President's Day is through the use of questioning or prompting. These differentiated writing prompts give students the opportunity to truly think about many aspects of being a president, past and present, as well as offer student the ability to consider what life might be like if they were president, too.

You can also grab two extra writing prompt freebies here:

FREE A Presidents Day Writing Prompt

FREE Presidents Day Writing Prompt Digital Included | Distance Learning

Bonus President's Day Resources

Amy from Amazing Materials for You has the perfect Digital Progression Color By Code activity on Abraham Lincoln.

This set that features Abraham Lincoln will be a great activity to share with your students for Presidents' Day. With 2 Google™ Forms, each form includes quick facts, a short passage to read, fourteen questions, and a timeline. They're completely paperless, so this is NO PREP for you.

Selma from The Blue Brain Teacher has a full week lesson outline for President's Day featuring George Washington.

Susan from The Fun Factory is sharing a reading and writing activity that includes a word search, with focus on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

How are you preparing?

So with all of these amazing resources suggested, how are you ready to teach around President's Day? Feel free to let me know below.



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