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Daily and Weekly To Do List Planning Templates By Subject


These daily and weekly to-do lists are perfect for recording what you need to keep up with while also staying organized.  The fun, bold colors add a pop of life into your daily routine!


Keep yourself organized with these daily and weekly to-do lists. I am always looking for a more functional, and colorful way to record my lists, rather than just trying to jumble it all in my head or have separate lists going everywhere. These templates are printable, editable using PowerPoint, and there are digital links included for use in Google Slides.

Included are:

  • 11 different subject options (both daily and weekly)
  • 1 blank option, if you would like to include your own subject or leave blank
  • 12 editable PowerPoint slideshows
  • digital links guide for quick and easy download use in Google Slides

Look for the START HERE guide first when opening the zipped file. This file will include details and tips for printing or editing.


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