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Luau End of Year Memory Book

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Aloha means hello and goodbye. Give your students the ability to do both with this eleven-page Luau-themed school days memory book.  Accessible in both digital and printable options.


End-of-year memory book, luau-themed. Aloha means hello and goodbye. Give your students the ability to reflect on their past school year with this book filled with pages of their memories.

This packet includes the following:

• 12 Printable Pages in PDF

• 3 Different layouts with differentiated borders

• 15 Interactive Google Slides

Pages included in Printable Packet:

1. Cover page

2. Signature page

3. “I Remember When. . .” page

4. In Class items ALOHA (or BINGO) page

5. Picture Perfect Moments page

6. “Popular This Year” page

7. Coconut Fillers page (like bucket filler)

8. “My Favorites of this year” page

9. “That Day Off” writing and illustrating prompt

10. Aloha Writing Prompt

11. What's Next free drawing for future

12. Celebrate the Luau coloring page

Pages included in Google Slides:

1. Cover slide

2. “I Remember When . . .” slides (5)

3. In class items ALOHA (or BINGO) slide with drag-and-drop pieces

4. Picture Perfect Moments slide

5. Popular this Year slides (2)

6. “My Favorites of this year” slides (2)

7. “That Day Off” writing prompt

8. Aloha writing prompt

9. What's Next future image insert slide


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