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No Prep Martin Luther King Junior Information Packet

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Use this no-prep, 17-page Martin Luther King, Jr. reading passage resource for upper elementary grades, with meaningful vocabulary and assessment included.

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No Prep Martin Luther King, Jr. Reading Passage for Upper Elementary Grades! This 17-page packet is full of great resources to make it easy for you to plan meaningful academic discussions about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and why we celebrate a day in his honor. Students will enjoy learning about civil rights and opportunities set forth by Doctor King.

This packet includes the following:

Reading Passage and Writing Prompts:

Students will have the ability to read and understand the reasoning behind why we observe this day. At the end of the passage is biographical information, fun facts, and notable moments in this iconic figure's life, as well as two writing prompt pages (plain with lines and a lightly shaded profile view of the face of Martin Luther King, Jr. with lines).

Words to Know Vocabulary (Differentiated):

Labeled with one star (grades 3 & 4) or two stars (grades 5 & 6), students can familiarize themselves with words that have to do with the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., write definitions and draw an illustration.

Reading Assessment:

One star is a 7-question assessment with vocabulary, comprehension, and one short answer response. Two stars include ten questions with the same categories.

Answer keys are included for the vocabulary and assessments.

A Google Slides digital link is included to be viewed and saved in Google Drive and shared in Google Classroom (perfect for students who may be absent or have students work digitally). Plus, there is an extra set in Google Slides where students can have the text read to them using text-to-speech.


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