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Year Long Science Bundle | Four Unit Full Lesson Plan BUNDLE


This 178-day lesson plan outline (with digital notebook link included to save in Google Drive) comes with guided notes for twenty full science lessons for explaining the structures and properties of matter, the flow of matter and energy in an ecosystem, Earth’s systems and human activity, and the Earth, Sun, and gravity. The digital version can be displayed on screen for in-person learning and shared with students in any password-protected platform – Google Classroom, ClassDojo, SeeSaw, Schoology, etc.


Give students the opportunity to tap into their inner scientist and make your teaching days easier with this year long science bundle. Closely aligned with the NGSS standards for fifth grade and can be used alongside any lessons you already have.

This bundle addresses the following TWENTY Big Questions:

  1. What Is Matter Made Of?
  2. Why Are Materials Different?
  3. How Can Substances Be Identified?
  4. How Do Scientists Know When Substances Change?
  5. How Is Matter Conserved When Substances Change?
  6. What Is an Ecosystem and the Organisms Within?
  7. Where Do Plants Get the Material They Need for Growth?
  8. How Does Matter and Energy Flow in an Ecosystem?
  9. How Do We Know If an Ecosystem is Healthy or Unhealthy?
  10. How Do Humans Change Ecosystems?
  11. What Are Earth’s Four Systems?
  12. How Do Earth’s Systems Develop Weather and Climate?
  13. How Is Earth’s Surface Changed By Earth’s Systems?
  14. How Do Humans Affect Earth’s Systems?
  15. How Can Humans Protect Earth’s Systems?
  16. Gravity, What Does It Do?
  17. Is the Sun the Brightest Star?
  18. Why Do We Have Day and Night?
  19. Why Do We Have Shadows?
  20. Why Do the Moon and Stars Seem To Move and Change Shape?

Included in this current bundle:

  • 178-day lesson plan outline (with digital notebook link included on Google Drive)
  • Full Guided Lessons to support the following Units:
    • Structures and Properties of Matter (5 Lessons)
    • The Flow of Matter and Energy Within an Ecosystem (5 Lessons)
    • Earth’s Systems and Human Activity (5 Lessons)
    • Earth, Sun, and Gravity (5 Lessons)
  • Passages to support the guided notes.
  • PowerPoint slideshows to assist with notes and lesson plans. A bonus “Show What You Know” set of printable questions as derived from each slideshow.
  • 32 investigations for a hands-on and presentation experience.
  • Supporting study guides.
  • 10 question assessments.
  • Outlined Scope and Sequence for each lesson in each unit.
  • START HERE guide with additional tips to support using the material for each lesson.


Look for the START HERE guide first when opening each zipped file. There is a separate file with the digital links if you prefer to have students follow along using a digital notebook (Google Slides). Additionally, you can assign your students a digital partially self-grading assessment (Google Forms), as well as the same with a digital partially self-grading study guide. You will need to make a copy and save in Google Drive and you can assign using Google Classroom (perfect for students who may be absent).


When you download this product, it will come with four separate files.  Each file is basically a “unit” and has five lessons stored within each.  Each lesson (20 total) comes with a lesson plan, PDF/printable notebook, editable PowerPoint slideshow, PDF/printable assessment, PDF/printable study guide.  Some lessons may have an additional material here or there for the purpose of the lesson being taught.  ALL DIGITAL LINKS TO DOWNLOAD AND SAVE IN GOOGLE DRIVE can be found in their own separate file.

BONUS MATERIAL: There is a scope and sequence included within this bundle to help guide your planning using this year long bundle.  It includes the why, what is in each lesson and how each NGSS standard applies.  There is also a word scramble for each unit to share with your students.

Next Generation Science Standards Addressed:














**PLEASE email me ([email protected]) if you have any questions or need support.

Want to see an example of a lesson plan prior to purchasing? Click here to check it out!


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