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Upper Elementary Students Will Love These Low Prep Winter Activities

Winter is here! Grab this low-prep and no-prep Winter activity bundle to make the season even more festive – and educational! With Winter puzzles and activities that are printable, with digital included, too. See what else below:

Low Prep Activity: Knitting a Scarf

Students can use their fine motor skills to punch holes and use their favorite colored ribbons or string to knit through this scarf. After doing so, students are prompted to write a short description of what their scarf looks like and how it feels. Students are using sensory details to describe their newly knitted scarf. In the end, you can take pictures of your students and glue the scarf under their necks to look “real.”

Low Prep Activity: Snowflake Writing

Using this fun activity, students can read a short passage about snowflakes. Then students have the opportunity to create snowflake paperchains and describe what snowflakes mean to them. This reading and writing activity can be quite exciting!

Low Prep Activities: Writing Prompts and More

The rest of this activity pack contains more Winter fun for your students. This activity pack is perfect for substitute teachers, supplementary activities, early finishers, small groups, whole class instruction, and more!

I hope you find some activities that work! Let me know below how you're using them in the classroom.



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