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2018 Classroom Reveal

As most of you know, I moved half way across the country this summer.  We left Washington state bound for Louisiana.  Not only did we have to leave the home my daughter has known since she started developing memories, but I had to leave behind the first real job I have had on my own.  I was beyond worried that I would not land a job. (*drum roll please*) I DID!  Very exciting indeed – but challenges were brought on!

I have spent the past few years in a brand new school, with operable technology and tables out the wazoo.  A science lab I could walk my class to with endless materials within.  School supplies for days and cabinet space that was unimaginable. 

The trade off?! Humidity.

Honestly, not too much is different, aside from the desks, no science lab, and lack of cabinet space.  Any good teacher can make these things work.  I am thankful that I have been able to build up YEARS of supplies to carry with me and I still have dedicated families that love to donate.  I don’t have to climb stairs to my classroom each morning BUT I do have to fight off bugs because my classroom door opens to the outdoors.  Never-the-less, here’s how I made the most of an ever changing situation.


I am teaching 5th grade in a ‘middle school’ type setting.  My school only has 5th and 6th grade within.  Students switch classes, therefore, I am teaching in a departmentalized setting.  This is the first year I am doing this.  I teach Science and Social Studies, so my initial concept was to set my classroom up to target both subjects.  However, I was not going to get rid of my vibrant, colorful side!



I bought a can of basic white paint and started adding some finishing touches to the shelving and spots on the walls that were dark from wear or where the paint was chipping.  I took some of the Weathered Wood paper and cut small strips to staple on the tiny (only bulletin board) spot above the dry erase board. I bought some more of the colorful bins from the Dollar Tree and added the fabulous classroom library labels (using my favorite Velcro dots) and I added the rainbow tassel banners above my windows.  I found those at the Target Dollar Spot, so naturally I could NOT part ways with them.





In true teacher fashion, the work is never over and there have been updates to my classroom since.  However, I’m not disappointed with the final outcome, as I had to start over from scratch and was unable to request new paint, as well as not having the option to move any additional furniture out or in due to being hired 2 weeks before school began.
Here were some of my favorite classroom *inclusions* (please know that the following links contain affiliate links.  This means that I earn some money if you purchase through the links I have provided on my website):


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