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3 Easy Ways Teachers Can Return After Winter Break, Worry Free

Out with the Old and In with the New Poster created by Fifth is my Jam!
No more worries!

Teachers love a good break. Are you the type of teacher who has just enjoyed a rather relaxing (or somewhat hustle and bustle) two weeks off, and you must jump back into a routine you thought you left behind the year before?! Whether you have anxieties or are over the moon about returning to work, keep these three thoughts in mind.


While you might feel anxious (or excited) about returning to work, remember that everything is downhill. There is not too much time left before Spring Break, and then Summer Break will follow immediately. Sometimes, there is an overwhelming feeling that planning, copying, meetings, testing, etc. is all coming – but those days seem to fly by. How exciting knowing that some of us are about to hit the 100 Days of School mark!! That means ‘roughly' 80 days left (less than where we started at the beginning of the school year!

Out with the Old and In With the New Poster for your classroom.  Freebie in Fifth is my Jam! tpt store
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Have you decided to choose one word to focus on this year, or do you have a goal prepared, whether monthly or annually?! What a great plan to have. If you haven't already done so – DO THIS! This will also make time go a little faster. However, it will also give what you are doing more purpose. Perhaps you are a teacherpreneur looking to boost business, or maybe you are a teacher focusing on boosting classroom goals …. or maybe you are like me, BOTH. I aim to focus more on blogging and sharing ideas with you all. However, I also have a classroom goal of NOT bringing home any papers to grade this school year. I am doing well so far. I cannot stress how important it is to make a goal for yourself, reward yourself, and stick to it! Persevere!

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So here's the real deal: you matter, and so do they! You knew students would be your top priority when you wanted to be an educator. There is such a shift in society today that is trying really hard to veer us off course and take the focus and priority away from the students. We CANNOT let this happen. Remember the real reason you wanted to teach: THEM. Do not let anything stand in your way. Fulfill that goal. When you return, who is going to be there waiting for you?! Whether it's a hug or a high five. Maybe it's a LONG story about break. Take that hug, give all the high fives you can, and LISTEN to that story. These students have been dying to do that since they last saw you. They are WORTH it (and you are worth giving it to!!!!!).

Teacher and student sharing a moment with one another in the classroom.


What are your favorite thoughts with teachers as they return from winter break?! I'm positive others would love to read, hear, or see stories and strategies in the comments below.



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