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How To Simplify Classroom Goals in the New Year!

Oh man, setting goals is something I LIVE for! I love setting goals for myself and watching my students set goals as a group (and personally). Read on to get an idea of a fun activity you can do with your students and how to feel like you can drive a successful rest of the school year.

What has the year been like so far?

If you’re anything like me, the first half of the school year feels like the “beginning” and the second half always leaves you saying “I feel like we should have already known this.” A lot of times I find myself saying this when we’re discussing classroom expectations and rules. So we needed a ‘reboot’.

2020 chart of goals set by students of my classroom in 2020.  What they wanted more of and less of for the rest of the school year.

“More of/Less of” System

So this was as simple as it sounds, and boy did it work (for the remainder of the time we were able to spend together anyway). I created an anchor chart and passed out a post-it to every student. We discussed how things went in the first half of the school year and then discussed what we would like to see more of in our classroom and less of.

These little reminders truly helped us the remainder of the school year and were something I could add to my routine (internally) when the following school year began. **Note: See the student post-it: “Less of Mrs. J getting off task” … see, they do know and that was something I needed to see to believe! (I also knew I did this and probably used it as an example and someone agreed).

Setting Goals Monthly Google Slide and Jamboard™ Templates and Printable
Setting Goals Monthly Google Slide and Jamboard™ Templates and Printable

What Can You do Now?

Whether you’re teaching virtually or face to face, this system can still be introduced! I have created a set of both printable and digital slides that can be used either way you teach. PLUS: If you’re using Jamboard, what a great way to warm up or use it as a monthly activity. Check it out here.



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