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Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in the Upper Elementary Classroom

By Rach JamisonMarissa DespinsMarianna Monheim, and Rachel Deroche

Saint Patrick's Day in Upper Elementary Classrooms

Holidays can be so much fun to celebrate, especially in elementary school. The most exciting part about celebrating in upper elementary classrooms is that your students are old enough to have conversations about the event while also doing something fun, hands-on, and green related.

Low Prep and No Prep Saint Patrick's Day Activities

Saint Patrick's Day is such a fun holiday during the school year, minus all the pinching for not wearing green. My students love hearing stories, setting traps, and more. One of my favorite things to pair with the superstitions of the holiday is this set of no-prep and low-prep activities. This set offers a blend of hands-on, engaging activities. Plus, there are plenty of writing activities to stimulate the brain. Acrostics will support vocabulary, and math and grammar puzzles will keep the mind motivated. But that’s not all. If you’re a teacher in a bind, these are perfect as supplementary activities, small groups, whole class teaching, for early finishers, or even to leave for substitutes! There are even a few coloring activities to soothe the soul. All in all, let your students discover the pot of gold with some fun Saint Patrick's Day activities! Check out the activity here.

If I Found a Pot of Gold, I Would . . .

Rachel from Uniquely Upper loves celebrating St. Patrick's Day in upper elementary classrooms. Incorporating a creative writing activity that blends cultural exploration with essential writing skills is key to engaging your kiddos. Students embark on a journey of imagination with the prompt, “If I found a pot of gold, I would…“, challenging them to brainstorm and articulate their dreams if finding a pot of gold. This brainstorming session is a foundation for developing detailed paragraphs, guiding students through selecting their top ideas, elaborating on their significance, and crafting coherent narratives. The activity culminates in a leprechaun craftivity, allowing students to express their written thoughts visually, bringing together creativity and literacy skills. This approach enlivens the St. Patrick’s Day celebration and fosters a deeper understanding of narrative structure and personal expression. To learn more about this engaging activity, check out Uniquely Upper’s blog post: “St Patrick’s Day Writing Activity

Classroom Scavenger Hunt

The rich history behind St. Patrick’s Day makes it a great holiday to celebrate in your upper elementary classroom. A fun classroom scavenger hunt is the perfect activity for this beloved March holiday. While searching high and low for fact cards in your room, students will learn all about Saint Patrick, Irish traditions, and culture, as well as some interesting trivia facts they can share with their families. While this activity is fun on its own, why not take things up a notch and tell students leprechauns hid the facts for them to find? Scatter a few books and other items around the room to make it look like you had a special visit from these popular mythical creatures. Your students might be older, but I guarantee they will still love the holiday magic! Want to learn more about scavenger hunts? Check out Marianna’s resource roundup at Creatively Comprehensive.

Saint Patrick's Day Read Aloud(s) and Brain Breaks

St. Patrick’s Day is closely approaching, and with it plenty of fun learning opportunities to build upon the engagement that the holiday naturally brings. I mean, who doesn’t love leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold? On the Creative Classroom Core blog, Marissa shares a range of enjoyable activities aimed at infusing the holiday spirit into your classroom, all while keeping learning at the forefront. The post includes ideas for St. Patrick's Day read alouds, brain breaks. a green food taste test, and more! Additionally, the post provides some helpful pointers for orchestrating a memorable (yet rigorous!) class party for St. Patrick’s Day.

Want to add more Saint Patrick's Day holiday fun in the classroom?

How We Design a Parade Float for Saint Patrick's Day Writing Activity



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