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Ease the Workload with These Lesson Plans for Science

Do you teach Science, whether it’s departmentalized or collectively with all other subjects? Let me help make the journey a bit easier for you! In my class, we love to learn and roll up our sleeves to get our hands a bit dirty! After all, Science is typically referred to as a student’s “favorite subject” … and that really shouldn’t be a surprise when the learning is F.U.N.!!! That’s why having Lesson Plans that are already completed (and easy to follow) are the way to go!


You read that right!! When I created this product I had my own classroom in mind, as well as the feedback from peers. I originally began many years ago with “leads” for what we should be teaching but there were never enough materials, nor curriculum … and let’s face it, my district did not want to spend thousands of dollars on it either. So I started with Science Notebooks, accompanied by quizzes, and then created study guides to distribute before those. Before long, I had a slap dab FAB routine and began the integration of creating lesson plans (with slideshows) to use as well!

Student notebook with title "What is Matter Made Of?" inside a yellow binder.


So naturally, before Covid-19, I had already created the notebooks digitally. Many of my students were frequently absent, or we had the honor of testing out new Chromebooks … so I knew I wanted to be able to give my students the ability to experience learning from a digital perspective. These full guided lesson plans can also be opened and used digitally. There are links for videos embedded (as well as in the digital notebooks). The digital notebooks are fully accessible in Google Slides, with the study guides and assessment accessible in Google Forms. My mission was to make this as easy as possible for the teacher who may be like me …. EASY MODE! I truly thrive when I have less on my plate. I can put more focus into my students and the material I am teaching and what they are learning. I feel more at ease when I have a plan!

Black tablet with a Unit one lesson plan included titled "What is Matter Made Of?".


Inside each science product, you can find a lesson plan. The lesson plans range from 7-12 days. They allow you to see which standards you will cover, as well as the outline for the lesson being taught. There will always be an introduction and then you will be taken straight into Day 1. Each page is labeled by days and follows a “Materials, Teacher Modeling, Guided Practice, Independent Work, and more!” layout. There are videos embedded within the document (as well as the slideshow). The instructions feel somewhat like a “you do this” sort of method, with a note section at the end of most pages. Over time it becomes secondhand nature and much easier for you to enjoy the “Science” things in life!


There are 4 total Science Units, with 5 lessons included in each unit. This means a total of 20 lesson plans with over 4,000 pages of materials, all completed for you!! You can purchase the lesson that applies to what you’re teaching, or purchase the bundle it is in! Additionally, there is a YEAR LONG, fully guided lesson plan bundle!

There are so many unknowns with how our day-to-day will feel once returning, whether it’s face-to-face or virtually. Why not ease your mind a little and know that you have lesson plans you can mark off right away!



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  1. HI! This looks like an amazing set of lesson plans. I have checked out the example lesson plan for lesson 1. Is the lesson assessment on day 8 available digitally, perhaps in Google Forms?

    1. Hi April,

      Great question! It IS available in Google Forms. Actually, each lesson comes with both a physical copy and a link to provide the assessment in Google Forms. The study guides are also available in a Google Form format.

      – Rach

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