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End of the Year Activities to Celebrate While Home


I never thought we would reach this time of the school year …. without being at school, but never fear we can still have fun at home, celebrating with our students – virtually! See some ideas for celebrating end of the year activities from home and check out some amazing resources, both free and paid from some amazing teachers far and wide!

Keeping it “Classy”

In true form and fashion, you can find tons of editable End of Year awards to gift to your students – and what’s even better, you can still do this digitally while also giving your students the opportunity to vote for their peers, too!

Featured are Fifth is my Jam! end of year awards that are editable and contain a link to digital editing.

These end of year awards can be used both in the classroom and out! There is a link included for distance learning where you can edit the awards through Google Slides and send individually to each student.

End of Year Slideshows

I’m sure you were already aware that you could create end of year slideshows in PowerPoint, but did you know that you can still do that using Google Slides? You can also still create in PowerPoint and upload the slides into Google Slides, hit ‘share’, and email to all of your students.

One of my favorite current platforms is where you have the ability to upload ANY picture and then have the background removed. I’ve done this several times to use in my pictures that I share (see example below) and you can do the same with your students!!! You can use pictures from this school year OR have them send you a photo where you can remove the background and make a collage. The possibilities are endless.

Celebrations via Zoom or Google Meet

My students have been participating in live Quizizz competitions, and it got me thinking. Wouldn’t that be a fun way to end the school year? Whether it is a competition on academics or you create your own Quiz about the class. Your students will be overjoyed! I host live tournaments using Google Meet and am able to project the tournament for my students to see from my screen while they are participating. There is never a quiet moment ‘in the house’ while the students are playing … and even after. Easy to note that the same can be done if you are using Zoom.


Check out some of these AMAZING end of year products created by some teachers with fun on the brain!!



I do hope you were able to find some amazing adventures to use the last few weeks you have – whether it’s at home with your own kiddos OR virtually with your students. Please feel free to let me know below how you’re going to spend the end of year in a fun way!


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  1. Thanks for this positive, tech-savvy post! What a great help to teachers who are managing the end of our the school year remotely. Thank you!

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