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How To Laugh Without Losing Hope As a Teacher

Are you like me? It’s ‘almost’ March, but January took so long to creep by so you’re losing hope. Never fear … we have all been there and we will probably be there again. So what’s to stop us from crashing and burning?! How about a little laughter?!

Okay, that was a fun joke!! Little things like these memes put smiles on our faces. It could be the joke itself OR it could be the connection you have when you compare it to your own self. Either way, laugh a little.

How Are Y’all Making It Work?

Over on Instagram, I put out a poll asking teachers “What are some things in your job that TRULY make you laugh?” Here are some of my favorite responses:

Students and their facial expressions.

Lopez Land Learners

The CRAZY things middle schoolers say because they have no filter and are brutal honest SAVAGES.

Crystal Mencia

I laughed so hard when a 5th grade student said “Uranus is gassy!” while giving a report.


I still love the random words they think are in the pledge.


Research suggests that laughter is important and can even stimulate retention of information heard. Comical shows, especially those that give news reports allow students to continue inquiring and questioning the information they’ve been given, as opposed to reading a newspaper or article. Perhaps suggesting your school news start including a joke or two might be worth it!

Let’s Your Students Wonder


Instead of letting students sink into the funk of the weeks to come, why not induce their laughter?! These tear away tickets are the perfect opportunity to allow students to motivate and uplift one another. More laughter and smiling will lead to less stress and anxiety!! Snag these free tickets in my store now!


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Do you have any additional funny stories or jokes that you think I need to hear?! Please comment and let me know.


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