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Midsummer Madness with Travel

Wow friends!  I have had a whirlwind of a summer (so far).  My blog is not normally geared toward life and family type posts, but I just wanted to update folks about some changes that have taken place in the 30 odd days since school ended.

Many know that my husband is in the military, so we travel (move) a heck of a whole lot.  I have always been super outgoing, so this is somewhat of an easy feat for me.  This time around was a bit different, however.  We owned our home in Washington and had to wait for it to close prior to moving, as well as me finishing my last day of school.  During that time frame my mother flew out and then flew our baby girl back to Georgia with her, where LVJ stayed for about a month.  For those of you with little ones, you know that is tough on a mommy’s heart.  While my husband and I were to able to accomplish a good bit, we still missed our little firecracker like crazy.  Thank heavens for our ENTIRE families keeping her super occupied.

As school reached an end, we moved into a hotel and stayed there for about two weeks.  I had to have surgery the Friday after school ended and needed to wait an additional week for the stitches to be removed.  It was a very easy and quick process, but none-the-less, stressful.  So here we go ….

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, ahem: I mean ‘United States’

When we moved from Georgia to Washington state (you have to include the word ‘state’ otherwise folks will think you are referring to D.C., mostly east coasters) we traveled through Tennessee upward and across the top half of the United States.  I think with a 5 month old in tow I got really sour about that trek.  I vowed to NOT take the same route when we had to leave.  This time when we left we got to travel through and across more beautiful places that I have never seen, nor visited in my life.  If there’s one thing I can credit Uncle Sam’s unwanted orders for, it is for the graces of God’s beautiful country.  Below are some photos of the trip we took (pug in tow) and how we wound up in Louisiana.

One of my favorite things to do on road trips, as I’m sure you can imagine should you make trips like me, is to play games!  Many folks like to play the alphabet game.  We LOVE to play the state game.  This game urges us to search for license plates representing each state or to look for signs as we cross into a new state.  We have such a blast playing it that I created a simple worksheet for anyone to use while traveling.  Though the teacher in me knows that I can get some use out of this worksheet in my classroom, too! (Click on the photo to snag this freebie in my TpT store):

 Across the United States Freebie

So hopefully you enjoy a little about the journey I endeavored  (I meant enjoyed) while crossing many states this summer.  If you like using this worksheet to discuss states with your children or students, grab this States and Capitals memory game to keep the fun going!

 States & Capitals Memory
Now I’m off to prepare for my newest adventure: still teaching 5th grade, but bring on Science and Social Studies …. in a NEW state: Louisiana!


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