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One way to celebrate the end of the school year like an amazing pro!

It is no secret that teachers LOVE to have fun the last week of school. Testing is O-V-E-R (and honestly, everyone is drained). If you haven’t already started a countdown, now is the time! But who am I kidding? You know you’re counting down somewhere. I am the type of teacher that loves a good theme. Yes, I would LOVE to rock out all these weekly (or monthly) themed lessons like teacher pros I see on Social Media, but I truly do not have time for that. I guess I am a different type of learner (and that’s okay). However, I WILL (I repeat . . .) I will host an end-of-year class party like no other! And yes, it will be themed!

Aloha party invitations included in a Luau-Themed kit that could be yours for FREE! Click here to grab it.

My most favorite way to celebrate, so far, and I have repeated this annually, is to host a luau-themed class ‘party’ or an Aloha party. I use the word party loosely because it’s truly a celebration, but we don’t get wild and crazy! Here’s what I do each year:

  1. I begin by creating invitations. I send these home in our weekly folder at least two weeks before the party so that parents can plan. I like to invite parents to the classroom to celebrate with us (and truly they can stay as long as they like!) I print the invitations on some thick white cardstock. I like to save a little ink, so I typically include just one or two colorful designs, not the whole card.
  2. Since I typically have the same themed party, annually, I reuse a lot of my decor but if I am able to locate something in the Target Dollar Spot, I will snatch it up! A lot of times, I decorate using the butcher paper from the supply room: cover tables, walls for photo backdrops, etc. As a part of my invitation, I ask parents and guardians to donate snacks. I also have a plan for the basic items I will bring which includes drinks and chips.
  3. I create an end-of-year slideshow featuring pictures from the entire school year. I include group pictures and give each student an individual slide!!
  4. Along with the slideshow, I like to have a Luau-themed memory book printed and stapled for my students to complete until the festivities begin and take home with them!
  5. Lastly, I pass out a class certificate to each student. I usually run to the dollar tree and pick up a cute little gift or two to include with the certificate.
Aloha party slideshow included in a Luau-Themed kit that could be yours for FREE! Click here to grab it.

Are you ready to host your Luau-themed class party today?! Click here to grab your FREE set of editable invitations, class certificates, and slideshow! Enjoy the last few days – every single second will be worth it!


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