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3 Amazing Games To Play In and Out Of the Classroom

This post reviews three amazing games that can be used in and out of the classroom.  Featuring toys from Mideer Toys creations including floor puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, Tetris blocks, and more!

When my friends at Mideer reached out to me and asked if I wanted to test some of their newest toys, I seriously could not wait! They have a variety of toys ranging in ages from infant all the way up to upper elementary-aged! Known as a young and passionate team with fashion-conscious Gen-Z mothers, early education teachers, and world-famous artists, Mideer Toys is committed to providing artistic and creative toys featuring an integration of diverse cultures and making life better for children and families around the world. Till 2021, Mideer has reached more than 52 countries and won a lot of popularity through word of mouth. Mideer has also collaborated with great artists, like Eric Carle, Alison Jay from the UK, Miyanishi from Japan, Yeluying from China, and Philip Giordano from Italy, as well as many others. I truly couldn’t wait to dive in and think of all the ways I could use both in the classroom and at home!

5-in-1 Jungle Tetris Block Logic Challenge

I had a strong feeling I was going to fall in love with this game even before I ripped the plastic seal off the box! This set comes with over 684 ways to play. There are lots of easy pieces to use, and challenges to be had! I let my six-year-old join me in the fun and she gave it everything she had when it came to the highest challenge (which by the way took me way longer than I’d like to admit to solve . . . but that’s what made it so fun!) After unboxing over a week ago, my daughter has asked to play this game daily. She enjoys trying to create 2D and 3D figures, as well as using the pieces to create geometric wonders.

I do think this set would be perfect for upper elementary grades. This is something I would use in my math block, for both lessons on volume and for math stations! Don’t teach math?! That’s okay, too! In the years that I was departmentalized Science and Social Studies, these would have been perfect for my morning RTI groups or as class games. I always like to mix up activities weekly. Read more here about this amazing set!

Level Up Jigsaw Puzzles

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle?! We had a great time piecing together this amazingly stunning (and oh so soft) 204-piece puzzle featuring famous destinations and landscapes in Asia. The Level Up 7 set contains two puzzles featuring Human Geography (Asia + Europe). The Asia puzzle contains 204 pieces, while the Europe puzzle contains 247 pieces.

These Level Up puzzles start at level 1 and work their way up to level 7. They are designed specifically for kids of different age groups to develop level-based skills and abilities like hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, memory, and more! Each puzzle features brightly colored, fun, and educational illustrations! This Level 7 puzzle we completed has beautiful artwork by the French artist @maud.lienard

One final bit that I think is important to know: these puzzles are made of food-grade, thick ivory paperboard and printed with soy-based ink! They’re 100% safe for everyone! Oh and all the Puzzles contain stickers and badges, encouraging kids to do puzzle challenges with more fun. Level Up, from easy to difficult, choose the right puzzle gift package for your students and kiddos.

So I’m delighted to say these puzzles are great for home AND school. I can imagine the discussion we can have about the different places to visit in both Asia and Europe, as well as learning more about each continent and the cultures within. I created a choice board to make learning even more fun, grab that here! Plus, I think puzzles are great for any age range – I can’t wait to start the second puzzle (and think I may do it after my little one goes to bed)! Read more about these leveling puzzles here!

Dinosaur World (Large-Animal Shaped Puzzle)

Well . . . now the Science teacher in me really has her wheels turning! We got our hands on this GORGEOUS dinosaur puzzle and it was so much fun! With 280-funky shaped pieces, we dove into the world of dinosaurs, seeing plants and creatures of all kinds! With so many beautiful colors and artwork, we really enjoyed piecing this puzzle together. Not only do you get to work with jigsaw pieces and try to think logically about shapes and patterns, but once the puzzle is complete the artwork is more than just a dinosaur. There are over 20 other creatures featured, a variety of plants, and stories waiting to be told!

This puzzle took us a little longer to complete but we didn’t mind because the time allowed us to have a discussion about what we were putting together. I’m sure we could have pieced this together on our dining room table but I preferred the floor. We were able to move around freely and use more space. Once we were finished, we played a labeling activity and “how many dinosaurs can you find?”. The best part . . . you can also snag this puzzle in another unbelievably beautiful design – an elephant! Read more about this dinosaur puzzle here!

So I would love to know, how could you use any of these amazing games at home or as class games? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!



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